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Sage BusinessVision Payroll Update for 2017

The Sage BusinessVision payroll update for 2017 is recommended for all Britec customers.

It is a good time now to start booking your payroll update with Britec to ensure that the update is performed properly and professionally.

Why is this important?

The taxation updates reflect the most recent changes from the CRA and will ensure payroll deductions, T4s, and other critical payroll features are using accurate and up to date information.

Key updates include:

  • EI rates and maximums have changed.
  • CPP rates and maximums have changed.
  • The federal indexation is 1.4%.
  • WCB maximums have changed.
  • Personal tax credits have changed.

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Answers to common questions

When does the Payroll update need to be installed?
After your last payroll run in December of 2016 and before your first payroll run in January 2017, even
though you may be paying employees for time worked in December 2017.

What does the Payroll Year End accomplish and when should I perform the Payroll Year-end?
A Payroll Year End is necessary in order to finalize year-to-date information, and make that information available for producing T4’s. Be sure to perform the Payroll Year End before producing ANY paycheques in 2017. If paycheques are produced for 2017 and then the Payroll Year End is performed, T4’s will be incorrect.

What should I do if I didn’t get the update installed before the first pay period in January 2017?
Contact Britec to install the update before the second pay period in January or as soon as possible. Take no other action – any discrepancies will be straightened out when your employees file their 2017 tax return.

Only I have access to the payroll module in Sage BusinessVision can I just install the payroll update on my computer?
The payroll update needs to be installed on all computers where Sage BusinessVision is installed. Take the guess work out of the update and contact Britec today to book an appointment for your Sage BusinessVision payroll update.

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