Software Upgrades

Using Sage 300 2014 or earlier? Read this.

If you are using Sage 300 2014 (or any prior versions) you need to read this right now.

When Sage releases Sage 300 2018 Edition later this year, Sage will no longer be supporting Sage 300 2014 (or any other earlier versions). While your software will still run, if any issues (minor or major) come up, our ability to support you will be diminished by the absence of official support.

This puts critical business systems at risk.

If you have Sage 300 2014 (or earlier) contact us now

If you use Sage 300 for Payroll this is ESPECIALLY important.

This could effect you in the following ways:

  • No access to future payroll updates.
  • No access to any future product updates.
  • Windows operating system updates could potentially effect your product.

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